WardW/z Total Security 1.0 User 1 Year (CD/DVD)

Rs 999


WardW/z Total Security 1.0 User 1 Year (CD/DVD)

W Wardwsz ESSENTIAL PACK Because just an Anti-Virus is not enough W WardWZ WardWiz understands that it takes much more than just an Anti-Virus to maintain PCs and systems health and to keep it safe from unauthorized access. We are therefore committed to provide a Personalized Digital Security Solution for a digital lifestyle. Utilities Remote Assistance • USB Vaccinator • Autorun Scanner • USB Unhider WardWiz Support • Phone Support • Email Support • Chat Support • Help Desk Support Our experts can connect to your PC over internet and tackle the latest virus threats Features MAJEM WarWIZ Proactive Protection · Heuristic Mechanism Browser Security • Anti-Virus Auto USB Scanner • Anti-Ransomware • Registry Optimizer • Anti-Worm File Encryption • Anti-Trojan • Temporary File Cleaner • Anti-Spyware • USB Vaccinator • Anti-Rootkit • Autorun Scanner • Drag, Drop & Scan Reports • Compressed File Scan . Auto Live Update Infected File Quarantine • Offline Updates • Infected File Recovery • Offline Registration Data Encryption Anti-Virus System Tune-up Tools


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